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Programmable voltage monitoring watchdog timer reset

Issuing time:2020-08-11 21:50

EM Microelectronic company introduced a programmable voltage reset monitor, programmable time window watchdog timer, which can output and can choose low pressure drop ( LDO ) + 5V voltage regulator and a CAN bus sleep mode compatible with the energy saving function of the highly integrated microprocessor monitor ICV8150, V6155 and A6150, A6155 and A6250. The system device can work at 125 degrees C, for automotive and industrial applications to provide security and powerful solutions.

" V" series includes V6150 and V6155 windowed watchdog IC, and" A" series includes a built-in 5V LDO voltage regulator of the A6150, A6155 and A6250 windowed watchdog . A6150 and A6250 working temperature of - 40 degrees to 125 degrees C . 615x / 625x Series in all of the microprocessor monitoring circuit is TTL / CMOS compatible.

When the supply voltage is beyond the scope of work, watchdog function used to guarantee a system microprocessor or controller will not work in the appropriate voltage, especially the system plus electric and electrical sequence . 615x / 625x series of all products are voltage window and time window watchdog function, which is the watchdog can identify more fault. Ordinary watchdog, whether in the internal or external CPU CPU, and CPU hardware and software, generating counter reset signal, thus preventing the hardware and software errors. In contrast, 615x / 625x window watchdog assurance in normal time window timer reset signal, otherwise it will press the reset system or other error processing. This is the most effective and reliable watchdog function, because it can effectively overcome the hardware and software errors such as code execution too fast or too slow.

615x / 625x series watchdog timing is an external resistor to programming, setting power reset delay, the watchdog time and close / open window of time. In addition, the watchdog function and timing depends on the power monitoring of the reset voltage, it uses two external resistor divider to programming. 615x / 625x series of open drain reset output characteristics, and shared control bus and cable OR directly connected with interface, which are dispersed throughout the chassis has a plurality of CPU system for automotive electronics application design flexibility. Can also be provided in separate system enables output, prevent activation of critical control functions, until the software successfully three times. The watchdog.

Power supply voltage monitor, the watchdog timing monitoring and system enable output combination to the microprocessor control of automotive electronics, transportation, robotics and industrial control applications provide a very reliable and safety. It also omitted to monitor each other 's redundant microprocessors in automotive electronics applications,

615x / 625x series used to monitor and control the cockpit security, a driving rod and other functions such as parking system, electrical damage control and electric seats, dashboard, sunroof, rearview mirror and window control microprocessor. Industrial applications including ATM ( ATM ), robots and process control equipment.

    Besides the window watchdog and voltage monitoring function, A6150 provides the LDO + 5V regulator, the output current of 100mA, 100mA pressure drop for 380mV. Device DC input can withstand - 20V reverse battery and + 60V transient peak as automotive electronic applications arise when starting peak. Without adjusting the input voltage can be as high as 26V, to adjust the output voltage can be as low as 3.0V, enable and reset logic state to ensure the effective output voltage down to 1.2V.

Internal A6250 5V LDO regulator, is PSOP2-16 packaging, can provide 250mA current, for higher power applications. Input voltage 15V, with increasing temperature, 80 degrees C can provide 150mA, or 125 degrees C with 70mA. In addition, A6250 is used as a system in which a plurality of CPU center monitoring circuit, but also save element.

V6155 and A6155 provide CAN bus sleep pattern detector window watchdog. In typical automotive or industrial applications, the CPU can send general" sleep" instruction to all equipped with V6155 / A6155 peripheral module, greatly reduce the system turns off when power consumption, prolonging the service life of the battery

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