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Application and development of QS9000 standard

Issuing time:2020-06-25 21:53

The QS9000 standard is the United States of America 's big three automakers ( Ford, Chrysler, GM ) according to the characteristics of the automotive industry prepared by the standard, the standard has been widely adopted in Europe and the United states. With the passage of time, the QS9000 standards gradually caused by China's relevant government departments, certification bodies and automobile industry wide attention. According to the report, our country already had nearly ten enterprises obtained QS9000 certificate issued by the national accreditation body. Now, the foreign buyers to our auto parts enterprises QS9000 certification requirements are also getting more and more, and many of our auto parts enterprises on the QS9000 standards, can be said to have a superficial knowledge of, or even know nothing at all, there is a lack of understanding of QS9000 certification. Then, QS9000 is a what kind of standard? It and ISO9000 have what difference? QS9000 certification for those enterprises apply? And has received ISO9000 certification enterprises still need to apply for QS9000 certification?

One, the origin of QS9000 standard

QS9000 standard preparation, can be traced back to the 1988. Prior to this, the United States of America big three auto companies have their own set of supplier quality control approach, they according to different situations on the supplier puts forward special requirements, therefore, these requirements in content, terminology, file form differences. While some providers may be three or two companies of suppliers, so, these providers felt on the different requirements of different companies to into the same meet, also resulted in the unnecessary waste. As for the satisfaction of a company's special requirements, the supplier shall increase investment some additional resources. Vendors have requested three large companies to have a unified view. In addition, a series of ISO9000 standards promulgated and implemented, but also to the United States of America 's big three automakers to important enlightenment. For these reasons, the United States of America 's big three automakers officially began in 1988 to proceed with the preparation of QS9000 standard.

In two, QS9000 standard features

Development of QS9000 standards, for the automotive industry parts enterprises provides for establishing a model of quality system. Its fundamental purpose is to start from the meet the quality requirements to ensure customer satisfaction. This was reflected in all for the sake of customers, according to customer requirements for product design, manufacturing, inspection and test. It is a customer oriented quality management method. Firstly, according to the requirements of customers design. In market research, we must grasp the customer 's expectations on the product, but these expectations should include explicit and implicit expectation. QS9000 standards specified in the supplier, to understand that customer expectations into operational plans for review and confirmation. In all stages of design, will try to meet customer expectations, and be able to do at any time can communicate with customer information, to decide by the client 's special requirements should be carefully identified, and can effectively transfer; in production before, subject to customer 's written approval. Secondly, according to the requirements of customers manufacture. QS9000 standard, the supplier must do a good job in five aspects of work, namely the production part approval, advanced product quality planning and control, potential failure mode and effects analysis, statistical process control and measurement system analysis. Of course, how can the true according to customer requirements for manufacturing, in addition to the supplier and the customer to communicate, there is one very important point, that is to customer requirements is layer upon layer accurately pass on, until each manufacturing process operator. In third, according to customer requirements test. Supplier's inspection standards required by the customer approval, the standard stipulated in the inspection method, frequency, according to the guidelines should be receiving notifying customers, customers should be written approval. At the same time, measurement system analysis is one of the main content of QS9000 regulations, requirements of measurement system error analysis, measuring data quality control as the focus, because the customer is concerned with supplier measurement system is in controlled condition, only the measurement system in a controlled state, the testing data can be true and reliable, product quality can be guaranteed.

In three, QS9000 standard application

As everyone knows, group ISO9000 standard parts of the application has been quite extensive, involving the industry is numerous, and mostly voluntary adoption, the standard choice and the use have different approaches, but the attestation of mark of be linked together or belong to freewill principle. The state government departments have never made a mandatory certification requirements. However, the QS9000, the situation is different, QS9000 is really a mandatory standard, because it is required by a customer, the supplier must satisfy. Therefore, although the application of QS9000 standard can make the supplier's quality system has been further improved, product quality will be improved, but it is in the international trade is bound to become an important trade barrier. China's automobile industry to participate in international competition, must take the problem seriously. The only way we implement this standard is as soon as possible, prepare ahead of time, consider the situation, if necessary, can quickly achieve certification, such ability in international competition. So, how to use QS9000 standard, should pay attention to the following two aspects: one is to consider the standard of advanced sex, also want to consider the applicability of standard. The QS9000 standard ISO9001 contains the basic requirements, but also with the characteristics of the automotive industry combination, added a lot of content management, the advanced sex is common people consensus, but in the implementation of this standard, still need to consider its applicability. Because, QS9000 standard is the three largest American car company to its suppliers of quality system requirements, to our country automobile enterprise, learning its management idea is necessary, but at the present stage, there is no need to have QS9000 certification. QS9000 to auto parts enterprises fully applied, and, once the customer is required, it becomes mandatory, these enterprises should take into account the present and future customers may ask, should prepare in advance. Conditional can as soon as possible to apply for QS9000 certification, in order to future market changes can make a rapid response. The two is to consider the necessity of attestation, also taking into account the certification of the economy. This issue relates to apply for QS9000 certification? Or through the ISO9000 authentication, and then apply for QS9000 certification? To have obtained ISO9000 certification of enterprises, as long as on this basis to apply for QS9000 certification can be, do the cost is relatively high; to get ISO9000 certification of enterprises, can apply for QS9000 certification, such as the lowest cost, if enterprises intend to both to apply for QS9000 certification, to apply for ISO9000 and QS9000 double qualification certification mechanism, doing so can the economy of some. In short, there is no need to ISO9000 certification and QS9000 certification from doing, because a certification costs are high, should consider the certification of the economy.

In four, QS9000's new development

So far, QS9000 standard has been revised two times. January 1, 1999, third edition of the QS9000 standard into effect. The third edition of the QS9000 version second of the chapters is adjusted somewhat, basically retains the original style of the second edition. Modification of main outside:

One is the special requirements of customers into a separate chapters, emphasizes the requirements; two is clear if quality problems occur, but also is solved hard temporarily, quality management personnel have the right to request the production, to find out problems, and take measures to prevent recurrence before it can continue to increase production; three is on the certification bodies information reporting requirements, the supplier quality system process, the customer involved in proposed quality system, will inform the certification body certification bodies, to understand the quality system; four is more detail on the test request, than the second edition rules to specific much; five is to allow suppliers to use German VDA6.1, Italy AVS94, or the French EAQF94 quality assurance standards for the internal quality system audit.

From the QS9000 certification, its development speed is very fast, especially in the current international automobile market competition situation, some of the world famous automobile company is executed mostly global procurement, therefore, to the QS9000 certification gives very strong vitality and development vigor. Following the American three big Motor Corporation for its suppliers clearly put forward the QS9000 certification period, Toyota, Mitsubishi Corporation and China's Shanghai GM also developed the supplier within the QS9000 certification schedule. The data statistics, there are 22 national accreditation bodies to get the United States of America 's authorization, there are 78 certification institutions are allowed to begin QS9000 attestation business, there are hundreds of enterprises have obtained QS9000 certification, QS9000 certification of visible popular speed quick, this has to cause our attention. Our country many auto parts enterprises to survival and development, only to meet the domestic automobile market demand is difficult to maintain, must participate in international competition, therefore, China will inevitably rapid implementation of QS9000 certification.

In summary, QS9000 certification, as the ISO9000 certification, is the product of market economy, serious study of QS9000 standard, the widespread implementation of QS9000 certification, is China's auto industry as soon as possible with the international advanced management system integration needs, is also China's automobile industry to participate in international competition, and the only way which must be passed to win in the competition.

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