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Our country will make lithium ion battery GB

Issuing time:2020-05-20 21:53

Recently learned from relevant departments, the mobile phone battery pool market is uneven, some good and some bad situation, the National Standardization Management Committee and other departments will develop new cellular telephone ( commonly known as global mobile telephone ) with lithium ion battery national standards, to replace the existing national standards, the drafting work has been started.

Not just mobile phone batteries explosion

Since last year, mobile phone battery explosion occurred in domestic has repeatedly happen, the situation in different brands of mobile phone has occurred, the industry more consistent view is inferior batteries is triggered by the explosion."". As a result of Chinese mobile phone have a quantity to already jumped house world the first, experts believe that the mobile phone battery safety is worth paying attention to.

According to one expert source, battery safety not only exists in the mobile phone. At present, all kinds of batteries has become the modern life of the basic equipment, mobile phone, laptop computers, all kinds of portable devices are inseparable from the battery, if the inferior batteries or improper use, these batteries have exploded in the may.

It is the largest lithium polymer battery production enterprises TCL gold battery R & D Center Dr. Guo introduction, in the fierce market competition, most of the battery production enterprises in the pursuit of high profits, with low cost and poor quality materials, this is the mobile phone battery explosion reason often.

Why mobile phone battery will explode? The lithium ion battery with high energy density, in the state of charge, the battery temperature rise, energy surplus, the internal pressure of the battery has risen dramatically and spontaneous combustion or explosion hazard. Currently on the market using mobile phone battery electric core is liquid state lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery two. Liquid lithium batteries usually steel or aluminum shell packaging, battery explosion generated power is quite large; and lithium polymer battery due to the adoption of plastic film packaging, distinct from liquid lithium metal shell, once the security hidden trouble, no explosion, only. The face of fierce market competition, most enterprise uses low cost and safe hidden trouble of relatively high liquid lithium batteries; some unscrupulous traders is ignoring the interests of consumers, the use of inferior batteries and protection board, so the battery explosion accidents can hardly be avoided.

The new standards will lead the industry reshuffle

Concerned personage also known, because the mobile phone industry rapid development also leads the domestic lithium ion battery industry, the original standard already apparent lag, plus the original lithium ion battery national standards and the current international standard have bigger difference, not with the international standards. There is an urgent need to develop a new industry standard. Is drafting the" lithium ion battery for cellular phone." the mobile phone battery capacity, cycle life, safety and other specific regulations.

In addition to the use of the mobile phone on the outside, the lithium battery is widely used in MP3, digital cameras, notebook computers and other digital equipment, so the market is very huge. At present, the domestic small mobile phone battery manufacturers to more than 300, the brand is beyond statistics. But as people of the lithium battery quality increased focus, lithium battery industry will trigger a new round of the industry reshuffle, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: the first technical doorsill rise will make part of a plant automatic exit market competition. According to the TCL gold battery R & D Center Dr. Guo introduced, in the process, the liquid lithium thinner cost is high, lithium polymer, the thinner the better production, this can let inferior lithium production enterprises unprofitable, thus automatically launch market. In second, the introduction of the new" lithium ion battery for cellular phone generic specification", the battery capacity, cycle life, safety performance clear rules. This specification once announced, will give fake battery management provided legal basis, improve the fraud risk, the enterprise will move toward standardization. Third, lithium battery from price competition to brand competition, service, quality, become people to buy lithium battery main reference factors, non-brand-name will gradually fade out of the market

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